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Objective: Collaboration with Los Angeles based designer Maxbone: a modern pet destination for the modern pet lover.
Our goal in bringing in Maxbone was to widen our customer base in attracting the dog loving community that has become so popular in NYC. We curated and merchandised the in store pop-up to create a space that both accurately represented Maxbone's brand identity and aligned with our aesthetic at Bloomingdale's. 

Result: Almost every piece of pet apparel sold out in the first few weeks of the pop-up. We ordered additional inventory as the sales were such a success and the duration of the pop-up has been extended indefinitely. Overall result of the collaboration far exceeded expectations. 


Objective: Collaboration with Australian Designer Modern Mistress driven to attract a more youthful customer and to create an 'Instagram moment' to garner social media traction for both brands. 


Result: Media coverage of the collaboration on FOMOfeed via Instagram and an interactive photoshoot organized to create content and buzz for both Bloomingdale's and Modern Mistress. 

PRIDE 2019

Objective: To demonstrate Bloomingdale's full support of the LGBTQIA+ community in conjunction with Pride month through collaboration with local artist Marco Santini and creation of theatrical crowns for the windows on Broadway Avenue. Through our ongoing collaboration with Santini, we continue to build business with meaningful client relations and shared social media engagement. 

Result: We saw an increase in sales and foot traffic as a result of the interest generated around both the window display and the live painting events held in our curated Pride shop. 


Objective: To connect with a more youthful customer by bringing in local artists to paint and display their works in conjunction with our Valentine's Day campaign. Our goal was also to create an Instagram worthy moment to ultimately boost sales throughout the store. Fine artist Justin Winslow painted a whimsical mural in our Women's Shoe department and New York based street artist Consumerart displayed his work in our Women's Ready to Wear department. We also had resident artist Marco Santini host a live painting event in which he customized Bloomingdale's shopping bags and gifts for purchase. 

Result: FOMOfeed feature of Justin Winslow's mural resulting in increased brand awareness for a younger more artistically inclined clientele base. Santini welcomed his existing clientele base to our store, doubling the exposure for us both.